Summerfield is blessed with a large building to use for ministry by ourselves and our ministry partners.  Much of the building is also available for events in sync with our church’s ministry by community groups (sometimes free of charge) and private individuals.

Luff Banquet Hall

Easily seats 150 people around tables.  Banquet tables and chairs provided.
Good for banquets, showers, parties, and other celebrations.
Unfortunately, this area is not handicapped accessible.

Industrial Kitchen

Adjoining Luff Banquet Hall.
Industrial stove with 10 burners and 2 large ovens.  Stand-up industrial freezer.  Two large refrigerators.
Plates, bowls, serving bowls, and cups available.

Bauer Auditorium

Moderate-sized elevated stage.  Audiovisual support available.  Chairs available.  Balcony seating if needed.
Hardwood floor makes it an excellent location for active running games or social dancing.

Coffee Shop

A comfortable area for small meetings or small showers or parties.
Tables to sit around or comfortable couches and recliners to sit on.
Coffee maker, small microwave, and small refrigerator available.


Pew (bench) seating for 300+
Outstanding acoustics.  Grand piano & organ for playing music.  Sound system also available.
Most appropriate for worship, weddings, sacred/classical/jazz/folk concerts, and formal meetings.

Youth Room

An area for active games and general rambunctiousness with plenty of toys and equipment.

Overnight Groups

We have four showers, an industrial kitchen, and several options for sleeping areas.

Two important notes:

* For historical reasons and because of our recovery ministry, alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
* As of now, only the Coffee Shop is air-conditioned.