We believe all creation, including our finances, belong to God. We are entrusted as caretakers of it. As such, we teach stewardship of creation and the Biblical principle of tithing – although some of us are better at it than others!

At Summerfield we are blessed with a rare financial situation for churches. Due to the generous giving of generations past, we are able to pay our daily expenses (employee compensation, taxes, utilities, denominational responsibilities, etc.) from investment income. A tithe (10%) of our Endowment Fund income is designated for benevolent giving – giving beyond our church walls to groups and individuals serving our community and our world. Some of our apportioned denominational giving also goes for these purposes.

Our Endowment Fund is invested according to the United Methodist Church’s guidelines on socially responsible investment, which can be found here and is fleshed out in more detail here.

During our worship services, we have a time of offering. This allows us the opportunity to give financially, which is one of the ways God has called us to worship. 100% of these offerings go to ministries, community organizations, and benevolence work outside of our church walls. The giving to any one organization is partially influenced by the priority our church gives to it, but is also (and often more substantially) influenced by attendance and giving patterns. Giving to any organization signifies that we believe it is doing worthwhile work. It does not mean we necessarily endorse everything done by that organization. It does not imply that the organization is in any way endorsing Summerfield, or even has prior knowledge of the donation.